Quickfit Quick Disconnect Adapter

Need to change-out brushes on the fly? Here's a great little accessory to make it easy!
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Quick disconnects are a great way for you to change airbrushes quickly. We sell sets with both male and female fittings so all you need to expand your collection is this fitting (male). Simply screw it on the airbrush, and off you go! No need to buy multiple sets if you are using only one hose!

Note that this accessory is shown on the left of the image above. This is only the male part of the set. If you don't already own the set, please order that instead.


· Allow versatile use of multiple airbrushes with one air source and hose

· Completely shuts off airflow when disconnected

· Screws onto all Iwata airhoses and airbrushes

· With its quick-release action, changing airbrushes is fast and easy

· Rated for air pressures up to 120 psi