Fantasy Legend

The first edition of our Legend tabletop miniatures game.
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Fantasy Legend was released at the 1998 Gen Con Game Fair. It is a mass-combat fantasy rule set based on D10 and D100 (percentile) dice rolls. There is a comprehensive magic system and a solid point system that makes the game well balanced and fun! The turn sequence is easy to follow and keeps players on both sides engaged by not having to wait for opponents to act with their entire army before acting with thier own.

Fantasy Legend was well recieved and we built a strong following of players who still play it today! You should find out why. We have a very limited number of books left, and when their gone, thier gone!

This rulebook is perfect bound with lots of great artwork and the complete first edition rules for playing Legend.

Originally, the book sold for $25.00, but we are offering the remaining copies for only $14.50, including shipping!

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