Anarchy HS Stencil System

Anarchy models are a friendly home based company catering for the miniature modeling and wargaming community. Although geared toward tabletop wargamers and modelers, both the HD and HS stencil systems are just as useful to scale modelers!

All of the Anarchy models stencil systems are of the highest quality and will give you superior performance, making your next project as good as it can be.

The HS Stencils Area is still under construction, but we can take orders. For stencils that do not yet have a picture, examples can be seen here;

HS Stencils are:  

  • Fully Re-usable - With proper care, HS stencils will last for years

  • Semi Transparent - You can see where you are putting the stencil

  • Washable and solvernt proof - Simply clean with a suitable substance for the paint you are using

  • Thin and flexible.

  • Not sticky - Are used freehand or by taping to the project

  • Easy to use - create amazing paintwork, with even a basic level of skill.

  • Quick to use.

Our HS stencils are best used with an  airbrush, but some spray cans may be used if care is taken, and they are a thin spray like many primers (gloss sprays will not work well)

Some designs can also work well when used with a sponge to apply the paint.

Not intended for brush painting.

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HS-01 - Hex Paving

This Stencil will help you create paved areas for your sci-fi games.

It features a large hex grid area, which you can repeat to create the desired size, and OPTIONAL edging, with curved or right angels corners, as well as man hole covers.


HS-02 - Allied Stars

A set of Allied Stars, ranging from 2mm to 11mm across.


HS-03 - Dreadball Pitch

DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game is a fast and fun tactical miniatures sports board game, written by Jake Thornton and created by Mantic Games.

Use this stencil to create your own Dreadball pitch.


HS-04 - Hex Grid Small & Mini

A set of small and mini hex grid templates.

The picture shows the medium and large versions of the hex grid.